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Jasmin Mouissi

Empowerment-Workshop for BIPOC

I am very passionate about Empowerment. This work is very close to my heart.

Racism is an inherent part of the everyday lives of many people and leaves painful experiences. Experiences that create inferiority and marginalize people’s perspectives or even make them invisible.

Being confronted and dealing with racism and other forms of discrimination can be a huge challenge for those affected. The goal of these workshops is finding ways of empowerment and self-determination for people affected by racism.

During empowerment workshops, people affected by racism can exchange and learn about racism and its connection to other forms of discrimination. Empowerment rooms are filled with content by participants and various possibilities are offered in these spaces. Empowerment and self-determination are the vision and the goal. Within these safe spaces, experiences, grief, sadness and fear can be discussed and feelings such as anger, rage, resilience and self-assertion can be expressed. People can experience themselves beyond categorization. Participants can also network, gain strength and discover resources by analyzing strategies for dealing with racism.

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+49 176 62547856

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