Back to Services Consultation I can advise you or your team individually on engaging with this crucial topic of racism. If racism shall be examined on an institutional level, I am happy to accompany organizations on the way. This is about a critical and solution-oriented examination of one’s own organizational culture. This service includes an […]

Lectures and talks

Back to Services Lectures and talks Through the many lectures and talks I held on various areas of criticism of racism I was able to reach hundreds of people at the same time. After the input, there will be an opportunity for questions and answers. BOOKING

Events for employees in the education system

Back to Services Events for employees in the education system Racism is constantly produced and reproduced in teaching and learning materials, making it crucial to address and examine racism within the educational system. These events are designed for educational institutions and practitioners such as teachers, social workers etc. to develop knowledge about racism and its […]

Critical Whiteness Training

Back to Services Critical Whiteness Training​ Racism has existed worldwide for centuries, yet recognizing, naming, and dealing critically with it is often difficult. In these training sessions, I accompany people on their anti-racism journey. A central component is the intensive examination of racism and other forms of discrimination. What does racism actually mean? What effects […]

Workshop for parents of BIPOC-Children

Back to Services Workshop for parents of BIPOC-Children​ Children are also confronted with racism and parents may often recognize these experiences directly or indirectly. This challenge raises many questions for parents of children who experience racism. “What exactly is racism and does my child experience it?” “What role does skin colour play in my child’s […]

Empowerment-Workshop for BIPOC

Back to Services Empowerment-Workshop for BIPOC I am very passionate about Empowerment. This work is very close to my heart. Racism is an inherent part of the everyday lives of many people and leaves painful experiences. Experiences that create inferiority and marginalize people’s perspectives or even make them invisible. Being confronted and dealing with racism […]

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